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Joining the Britton Family

Posted by Mike Bash on Aug 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Britton Transport takes pride in welcoming team members into our family. Driver orientation is a time to set the stage on safety and we want to drive home the message that Britton Drivers are purposefully protecting others.

Orientation is a time for Drivers to get to know everyone at Britton who is supporting you each day. We want all of our new drivers to meet the entire Britton team, right down to our President, Jim Stockeland. That way, when you’re on the road, you know who to go to when you need something.

Britton makes it easy for our new Drivers with paid class time and no out of pocket expenses for the week that you’re in the classroom. Our class sizes are small, allowing us to be flexible to everyone’s needs.

For Thomas Finn, it was no different. Thomas has been a professional Driver for 36 years. Last 7539_remove.jpgmonth, he joined the Britton team in Grand Forks and says he’s never experienced the feeling of working for a company that’s more like a family than a fleet of drivers.

“Even during the recruiting process, before I was even hired, I felt like one of the family. Right from the initial phone call with the recruiter,” Thomas said.

Thomas explained that he wanted to work for Britton because everything listed in the job advertisement was part of the criteria he was looking for in a driving job.

“Everything the recruiter told me was all about the Driver. I’d never experienced that before. I had only worked for companies that put themselves first,” Thomas says. “It’s been an absolutely amazing experience.”

Thomas said the Britton orientation process has been extremely helpful in preparing him for the job. Even though he’s been a Driver for 36 years, he had taken nine years off of driving a truck and had to get used to being back on the road.

While he said the learning process was tough, it was thorough and he felt supported by the Britton team – and continues to feel supported even as time goes on.

“Everything has been so professional. The Britton team is always one step ahead of what the Drivers need. The support is unbelievable”

Thomas said the 15 and 30 day check-in times with the folks at Britton have been extremely useful to his learning process – they are able to show him his driving habits on the computer and he’s able to see where his driving needs to improve.

“It’s been such a positive experience, right from day one,” Thomas says. The people are great, the job is great and the company is great.”

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