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ELDs: What Britton Transport Drivers Really Think

Posted by Mike Bash on Dec 14, 2017 2:12:34 PM

Britton Transport was an early adopter of ELDs (electronic logging devices). So early in fact, that as many carriers are now scrambling to transition to ELDs, Britton already has 10 years of experience with them. What this means is that after the ELD mandate is in place, it will be business as usual at Britton.

Because we’ve been able to see the many benefits that ELDs have provided professional drivers over the past 10 years, it’s interesting to hear the concerns coming from other company’s drivers.

In an effort to give you a look behind the proverbial curtain and prove that drivers need not worry, we interviewed a handful of our newer and more seasoned professional drivers to get their thoughts on some of the common questions drivers have been asking.

Here are the four most common questions we hear about ELDs:

1) How will ELDs affect my pay?

“There might be a misperception about miles and money from paper logs to electronic logs, and it’s just that… a misperception. They might make more money on paper logs, but they're breaking the law.” – Tom

ELDs were set in place to make the driver’s job more efficient by monitoring hours of service (HOS). The concern came from those who were not honest on their paper logs. Manipulating logs is illegal, and ELDs were put in place to prevent this. Many carriers use ELDs to help improve the efficiency of the driver, rather than as a compliance tool.

“I can push 650 miles a day, and I’m still making a good paycheck.” – John

2) Are ELDs hard to use?

Most drivers experience a small learning curve when switching to ELDs. Britton noticed an average of two to three trips for drivers to be confident working with ELDs. Getting into the habit of using ELDs and understanding how they work is a short process that is well worth the time.

Once you have gotten used to using ELDs, you’ll never want to go back to paper logs. ELDs save you time and make your drive both easier and more efficient.

“I figured it out fairly quickly and what I could do to get me where I needed, how I needed, and when I needed.” – Don

3) What if I need to make changes to my logs?

You’re in total control of the changes made to your logs. If there is something incorrect on your ELD log, an authorized carrier staff will make the change (and they are required to leave a reason).

They need your approval in order for those changes to be made. For example, a carrier could change a log from saying “off-duty” to “on-duty not driving” with a note saying, “Driver logged training time incorrectly as off-duty.” The edit is not accepted until you confirm it.

“I would rather do something that’s going to keep the company honest, let alone the driver.” – John

4) Do ELDs really benefit me - or is it just for the company’s benefit?

There is a misconception that ELDs are just for the company’s sake and not the driver’s. ELDs ensure that drivers aren’t putting in more hours than they are legally allowed to put in.

If you have 14 hours to get a shipment from point A to point B, you can’t go over your HOS. That means it’s not your responsibility to make up for time you spent waiting on other people.

“You need to have a 10-hour break every day to get some time to yourself – it’s a good thing what they’ve done with electronic logs.” – Don

ELDs ensure you don’t go over your HOS and get breaks as you need them.

It’s our expectation that if shippers don’t do everything in their power to be efficient, and they waste a driver’s time, they won’t get capacity. Therefore, we expect shipper efficiency to improve dramatically once ELDs are fully mandated.

For more information about the ELD mandate check out:

1) A list of FAQs from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or

2) Download our parent company’s guide A Driver’s Guide to Electronic Logging Devices, or

3) Share this post with a shipper: 5 Reasons Why Shippers Should Care About ELDs

Now it is your turn. What are your thoughts on ELDs and how will they impact our industry? 

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