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What Drives You?  Choosing the Right Carrier to Drive For!

Posted by Mike Bash on Oct 11, 2016 12:32:51 PM

Being a professional Driver is a great career for many. It offers steady income, flexibility surrounding your career and the opportunity to travel, just to name a few benefits.

Choosing a carrier to drive for is a big decision for a Driver, and has lasting implications on one’s career. It is costly and time consuming to change carriers. When choosing one to drive for, it is important to do a robust evaluation of the most important factors that drive you to want to work somewhere.

Britton receives many applications each month for truck driving jobs, and we receive a lot of questions from prospective Drivers. To help with the evaluation process of choosing a carrier, we have designed a simple guide for Drivers to use when evaluating the fit for their next move.

We hope that your decision is to join Britton; however, even if it isn’t, we hope you will use these 10 factors to help you identify what company is the best fit for you.

Click below to download the guide.

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